Monday, July 25, 2011

Over the weekend...

BYOS (bring your own sippy)
Over the weekend, we painted our bathroom.  Bright and early Saturday morning, we went out to Home Depot and got the supplies.  Paint rollers, tape, and the paint itself - Glidden Semi Gloss in Frosted Pine.  We also went to Chic-Fil-A and ate what was probably a horribly unhealthy breakfast.  James seemed to enjoy his chicken and biscuits though.  We hung out for awhile after we got back home and around 11, I fed James lunch while Adam started to tape things off.  A mere 10 minutes later, I heard Adam upstairs cursing.  So I stepped in and began to tape (or retape) things.  Adam was cursing the plastic we got to cover the tub, so I came up with an alternative plan.  Eventually both Adam and James came upstairs to help me.  For awhile, James hung out in the bathroom, playing with tape.  I'd take a long piece off the roll, hand it back to him, place my tape, and then ask for the roll back.  He obediently gave the roll back each time for about 30 minutes.  Then James decided he wanted to help more and stood eagerly, holding onto the edge of the bathtub...  while I was standing on those edges, taping the ceiling.  Helping quickly turned into screaming and it became obvious that James was ready for a nap.
So into bed he went and the taping was quickly finished.  I painted the first coat, waited for it to dry, got James up from his nap, and fed him a snack.  Then while Adam and James went to Target, I completed the second coat.
It looks beautiful!  Unfortunately, we took the tape off a bit late and some of the edges needed touching up on Sunday.  Also on Sunday, we put the new towel bar back on the wall, put up new switch plate covers and got the bathroom back in working order.  We are waiting for the new shower curtain and another switch plate cover to be delivered.  I had no idea that home improvement could be quite so tiring!  The last detail - the faucet!  Hopefully that will be in place in a few weeks!
In other news, I am still sore this morning from all the painting.  I am glad that I opted not to go to my kickboxing class on Saturday morning.  I am going to go tonight though, so I hope I make it.


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