Monday, July 18, 2011

A quiet weekend

We had a nice, quiet weekend, which was much needed after our crazy last few weeks.  I think its our last quiet weekend until we get back from Deep Creek Lake in mid-August, so we took full advantage. 
On Saturday, I woke up, attempted to go to my kick boxing class (once again cancelled due to lack of attendance, a common occurance on summer Saturdays), and then we headed out for James and Adam to get their haircut.  James has had one haircut before, so he's still not quite used it to.  He wasn't really a happy camper, but I knew he would feel much cooler without a mop on his little head.  So Chou, Adam's wonderful "stylist" (sidebar: can you call her a stylist when she works in a barber shop?  I know she's not a barber, is there a female friendly barber term?  barberista?  Oh, gender specific terms, you make my head hurt...) took the reigns and got James' haircut done quickly.  Chou has 4(!) boys of her own, the youngest being about 6 months old, so James' screaming, crying, and putting his hands on his head really didn't phase her.  She tried to give him a lollipop, which quickly ended up on the floor.  When he was done, I said thank you, grabbed James, and went for a walk with him while Adam got his hair cut.  $21 and a conversation with a guy named Jerry later (I think Jerry frequents the US Barber, he has a developmental disability and is very friendly), we were on our way to a late breakfast at the Double T Diner. 
The diner is one of my favorites and Adam and I have been eating there since we were dating.  James hadn't been there since he was 3 months old or so, but he always does very well in restaurants.  Funny enough, since Maryland banned smoking in restaurants, the Double T tends so seat families in the old smoking section.  As Adam is a former smoker, we felt right at home there, but it was a little funny.  We didn't order James his own meal, as the portions are always huge at the diner, but he had his fill of pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs, toast, and potatoes.  He has a huge appetite, which really comes as no surprise since both Adam and I are hardly dainty.
Checking things out at the diner
After lunch we went home and James promptly took his afternoon nap.  We hung out for the rest of the day, Adam cut the lawn, and we grilled steaks for dinner.  We rented Hall Pass to watch after James went to bed and it really fell flat.  I was glad we only spent $1 on it from the Red Box.
On Sunday, we did more of the same, which was nice.  James took an early nap and went to bed early and overall the day was very relaxing.
This week we are back to normal, with the exception of James' doctor visit on Wednesday and my own visit to the ENT on Thursday.  The bathroom contractors done (and on budget!), and it looks amazing!  I can't wait to paint this weekend and finish everything up!


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