Tuesday, July 12, 2011

James sleeps like the dead

Yesterday was the first day of our bathroom remodel.  I took before pictures and day one pictures, but I think I'll save them and post them all together.  (Note:  The new tub and tiling will be done this week, but we aren't painting until the 23rd, so you might have to wait awhile.)  Last night, the plumbers came pretty late in the evening (at least if you have a 13 month old) to finish installing the tub.  Their reason for coming out so late was to make sure we at least had a tub to use.  So we appreciated their efforts to accommodate us as we only have one tub/shower.  Despite all this, I was pretty worried that James was going to wake up once they started work.  But I figured we'd just go with it and see what happened.  So James went to sleep at his usual 6:45 and the plumbers actually showed up around 7:30 or so.  And then the noise started.  They were banging and cutting copper pipes and soldering.  James stayed asleep.  They did something (who knows what that something was, if you remember the "Chelsea fixes the toilet" ordeal, then you know I'm not a plumber) that caused the entire house to shake.  Adam felt it in the basement, it was so loud.  And yet, James stayed asleep.  By the time they were done around 9, I was just amazed.  For a split second I thought about going to make sure he was still breathing, he was so quiet.  Even one of the plumbers said "Wow, that kid could sleep through anything."  Yea, I guess so!


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