Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lots o' teeth

If you know James, you know he's been quite slow to get his teeth.  He's been teething for what seems like forever - since about 4 months he's been a drooling machine.  Even with all this teething going on, his first tooth finally erupted at 11 months.  His second tooth came shortly thereafter, but we had a long month of June, waiting for teeth.  Now his top two central incisors have come in, but just the very tips of them.  At least they are through the gums and hurting him a little less.  I think his molars are coming next and I'm not looking forward to them, but it will open up a world of food possibilities!


  1. Why thank you, I stole it from a popular parenting website via a screen shot and then edited it.

  2. I had no idea you had a blog for James! Love the pix - that's one seriously cute litle guy! :)

  3. Well I was writing about the pregnancy and it got really boring rather quickly - "I went to the doctor, again" kind of stuff. And then the first year went by very quickly, so I just started updating again (after I'd wiped the slate clean).