Monday, July 11, 2011

Mess maker, mess maker...

"Make me a mess..."
Yes, replace the word "match" with the word "mess" in the Fiddler on the Roof song, and that would describe James.  James is more and more active everyday.  He loves to play, laugh, give high fives, yell "uh oh" as he throws anything he can get his hands on, snuggle, clap his hands, "sing" along with his toys, wave at people, and MAKE A MESS.  I can't really blame him, my room as a child, with the help of my brother, was always a mess.  Travis would have to help me clean my room, the mess, because his room would always be clean.  I can remember him complaining about it, but really, he helped make the mess so he should help clean it up.  My room in high school and college really wasn't much better.  In fact, I think Adam and I didn't really clean a whole lot until we moved into our current house.  The last apartment we had in Elkridge was a little better, but I think it took home ownership to make us care about being tidy.  So I guess his DNA makes him predisposed for messiness.  James loves to clear out his toy drawer and get every last book out in the living room.  After he goes to bed, we pick it back up, but I can't wait until he can help a bit more with that. 


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