Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The phone

Phones have been a favorite of James' for awhile.  He likes to steal our cell phones, turn on the house phone (prompting us to move it out of his reach), and pretend that most any toy is a phone.  Since Adam has been out of town this week, James has been using the "phone" a lot.
Last night, while sitting on my lap, James opened up a collapsible hairbrush from his toy bin (its pink and was in the dollar section of Target.  James wouldn't leave without it...  does that count as a bribe?) and said hello.  He continued to talk for awhile.  I'm not sure exactly what he was saying, but he was really animated.  I finally asked who he was talking to.  James looked up and answered "Daddy" and continued his conversation.  After awhile it was time for a story and bed.  But James refused to get off the phone with his father.  So I lowered my voice to a very believable baritone and told James that it was Daddy and that he should go pick out a story book.  Daddy then said goodnight to his gullible little boy.
Adam won't be home until tomorrow, we'll see if James has another long night on the phone.  I should mention that normally Adam and James do get to talk on the real phone while he is away.  This trip took Adam to Portland, OR, so the time change means that James is in bed before we get our phone call.  But we just have to get through tonight and life will be back to normal.


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