Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Oddities of Pregnancy

Being pregnant really does a number on one's body.  All kinds of weird things happen, most of which I won't be blogging about.
Why?  Well, they're gross and I'd rather just complain to Adam (okay, and Jackie) about them and move on.
But I will share one pregnancy oddity that I've been dealing with a lot this time around:  Body Acne (aka Bacne).
Gross, right?
With James, my face broke out, A LOT.  I looked like a teenager (okay, a teenager's face) for most of the 8 months.  It was horrible, cystic acne and there was very little I could do about it.
This time, I had my share of facial breakouts the first few months.  But its died down, for the most part.  I also have been more careful with my face this time, washing/scrubbing more often and using a toner regularly has helped.  But more than my face, my shoulders have been breaking out a lot.  No amount of washing, exfoliating, or medicating has helped.  My shoulders and upper arms are gross, although I'm fairly sure that I'm the only one noticing.
Then a few weeks ago, I had a new visitor.  A fresh "face" if you will...  A huge pimple...  IN MY UNDERARM!  A PIT PIMPLE!  Are you kidding me, hormones?  This thing was huge and painful.
I immediately texted Jackie about it, knowing she would at least be entertained by my sudden predicament.  She told me to take a video of popping it, which pretty much sums up why Jackie is my best friend.  So I popped the sucker, cleaned it well with toner, then put some acne cream on it.  Yes, I used Mary Kay on my armpit.  That's just where I am in my life.
The remains of the pimple healed and I thought I was done with that fun chapter of this pregnancy.  Until yesterday, when I felt a familiar pain in my right under arm.  Low and behold, there was another pimple brewing under there, not an inch from the first one.
So this morning, I took care of business and hopefully this one clears up as well.  Honestly, it hurts every time I move my arm, reminding me that I'm a freak show with weird body acne.  But I will move on and in 23 (give or take) more weeks, I will be done with ever being pregnant again!


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