Friday, August 17, 2012

19 weeks

You want the mango??  You cannot have the mango!  I'm really hoping someone gets my Chris Kattan/SNL Mango reference, but if not, I suppose I sound really silly.
We are at 19 weeks today and the baby BOY is the size of a mango.  Yes, we found out on Monday that our little bundle of joy is a boy and while this threw me for a loop, we are still very excited to know more about the little alien growing inside me.  I've been meaning to update the blog this week with our happy news, but this week has just been kicking my butt.  So here we are, updating on Friday.  Better late than never, right?
Our anatomy scan was on Monday, like I said, and everything on the baby looks good.  The technician couldn't get a good look at the left side of his face, which isn't a reason for concern, but they will have to try to get a picture of it when we go in 5 weeks for our fetal echo cardiogram   The little guy was weighing in at 9 ounces, so he is right on target for his gestational age.  We compared pictures of the ultrasounds of both our boys and they look amazingly similar in the womb.  I suppose that shouldn't shock me, but it was crazy to see another little James.
Nothing too new to report, other than being tired this week and starting to get more and more heartburn, things have been going fine.  Adam leaves James and I for three more days starting on Sunday, but at least this time daycare is open.  We see the OB again in a month (well, closer to 3 weeks now), the endocrinologist again in a couple of weeks, and will go on September 25th to see the baby's heart.
For your viewing pleasure, I've included a Mango skit from SNL, this one has Garth Brooks in it.


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