Friday, August 31, 2012

21 weeks

This week tells me that the baby is the size of a pomegranate.  The choice of a pomegranate confuses me, they don't seem that big at the grocery store.  Maybe its the weight comparison that matters this week.  Maybe the pomegranates that are shipped to Maryland super markets are really tiny?  I'm at a loss.
The baby is no longer being measured from crown to rump (the infamous crown-rump length), but from head to toe.  It looks like the baby grew 4 inches this week, but really we just added his little legs.  Last night I told Adam that I thought adults should be measured from their crown to rump (I just love that word...) and he gave me a crazy look, so perhaps not.
Not a whole lot going on lately, I have been diligently faxing in my blood sugar numbers to the high risk OB twice a week.  I haven't been too happy with my numbers recently, they aren't out of control by any means, but the second trimester means a huge increase in insulin need.  The third trimester will mean an even larger increase, so I should just suck it up.  I increase my settings and doses as the doctors instruct and check my sugars regularly.  Sometimes I marvel at the ease of pregnancy for those without chronic illness (or my perception of the ease...).  I mean, I could be pregnant a ton more times if I didn't have to do all this craziness.  But that is not the case, so two little boys will have to suffice!


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