Monday, June 11, 2012

The pool and birthday fun

James' party came and went and we had a lovely time.  He got some great outdoor presents - a Little Tikes fold-able picnic table with umbrella (quite fancy compared to what Travis and I had growing up) and a pool!  He got some other various toys and clothes, which we appreciate.  We especially appreciated a great book from Sarah called Bear in Underwear.  Even better than the book itself (which is hilarious, a bear finds a backpack of underwear in the woods) was Jackie reading it to us in her best Kindergarten teacher voice.  By the end of the day, James was screaming through the house, coming down from a massive sugar high, but he went to bed on time with not even a hint of a fight.

On Sunday, we went to Toys R Us and used a gift card he'd received and then we went home to play in the pool!  James had a great time, splashing Adam and I and running around in general.  Mac wasn't so sure what to make of the squealing, wet young human, but he played along nicely.
When I got James dressed in his bathing suit, I decided that he didn't need a diaper.  They just get soggy in the water and it wasn't his usual time for #2 (ha, too much info!) so I figured it would be fine.  Well not 5 second after getting outside and Adam turning the hose on, James was peeing through his bathing suit, right there on the back lawn.  We about died laughing, wondering what James thought the hose was doing, but oh well.  Not a big deal at all.  Overall, it was a wonderful weekend, but boy am I exhausted this morning!


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