Monday, June 25, 2012

Catching up

WHEW!  What a week it has been!  I haven't updated in a while because the last week has been a bit crazy for us!  But now we are back on track and back into our regularly scheduled programming.  A ton has been going on, James went for his 2 year check up, I survived 3 days with my coworkers at a conference, Adam worked from home 2 days, and James cut his first second year molar!  It has been CRAZY.
On Tuesday, the 19th, James was scheduled for his physical at 5 PM.  Hindsight tells me this was a stupid time to make an appointment, but it meant that I wouldn't miss any work.  If it had worked out, it would have put us at the doctor's squarely during dinner time.  Luckily, the pediatrician's office called me around 11 AM and told me that James would need blood work, but the lab closes at 4 PM.  They asked that we come in early, so I got off around 3 PM and picked my little guy up from daycare.  James is doing well, meeting almost all of his milestones and growing like a weed.  He is currently 35 inches tall and weighs 26.5 pounds.  This puts him in the 90th and 43rd percentiles respectively.  Although, they're still adjusting him for 35 weeks gestation, which seems silly, since he was the world's largest "preemie".  We're very happy with his weight, even though he's much lower in percentile than height.  A lot of information out there points to better adult weight if one is smaller as a child, who knows how accurate that is, but it takes some worry away for the time being.  James got his blood drawn like a champ and we have heard back that his lead test was totally normal.  Now for the truly annoying part of the story - somehow James' CBC was not done and we have to go back for another blood draw this week.  When I figure out who to give a piece of my mind to, I am certainly going to, because to make a 2 year old receive another stick is pretty ridiculous in my book.  Also, James received his hepatitis A vaccine and is now up to date with shots until he goes to school!  From now on, we'll see the doctor once a year for check ups, I told Dr. Chander that we would miss seeing him so much, which is why we decided to have another baby.  He laughed at me and told me he'd see us in December, after the new babe arrives.
Regarding the conference I attended in Ocean City - was I ever glad to be home.  Forced social interaction with my coworkers is not really high on my list of fun stuff to do and I am not great at the small talk aspect of things.  Also, I am truly amazed that adults can act so not adult in the presence of an open bar.  Part of me was glad that my pregnancy took all drinking out of the equation for me.  All in all, it wasn't the worst way to spend 3 days, but again, I was happy to be home.
Other than that, life plugs along.  As I mentioned, James cut his first second year molar and has been having a bit of pain from the whole experience.  This has made him a bit clingier than usual, but he usually settles down after some ibuprofen.  I will be so happy once this whole teething adventure is over, but we are getting close.  Then again, we'll have another little one to start all over with!


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