Monday, July 9, 2012

I just want to take a nap

Hi there!  What a crazy few weeks its been ( I realize that I say this a lot).  But between having no power for 4 days and having James home from daycare for a week, it has been crazy.
Today, Adam and I are back at work and James is at daycare.  Things seem to be back to normal, but then I called and made James' annual eye exam appointment and his first real dental exam.  Adam tried to take James to our regular family dentist, but apparently they're big wimps and decided to have him see a pediatric dentist.  Apparently, the dentist handed James a mirror, which he proceeded to whack himself in the head with and giggle.  So the dentist decided not to even try to look in his mouth.  He was in a great mood and laughing a lot, I think the dentist should have at least tried, but that is just me.  Had I been there, I would have said something, but I know Adam did what was best at the time.  Anyway, this lead me to checking our calendar and realizing we have a quite a few appointments between the two of us in the next 6 weeks.  James' annual heart check up, my OB and endocrinologist, my own dentist, and now two more appointments for James, which leads into our anatomy/gender ultrasound in August.  Does it ever end!?
Then today, Adam also mentions that he now has to go to THREE technical conferences for work (that are 2 to 3 days out of town a piece).
I know that it makes sense financially with the new baby on the way and logically needing to save time off for said baby's arrival, not taking a vacation this summer was the way to go, but really...


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