Thursday, July 19, 2012

Appointment update

Well, I'm a little late, but here is the update from my appointment with the OB on Monday (14 weeks, 3 days).  I have gained 3 more pounds, so I'm up about 6 or 7 total, which isn't really bad at the moment.  My BMI is already "high" according to them, so I'm hoping there isn't confusion with the insurance, like with James.  Basically, high BMI is my tertiary diagnosis (after diabetes and pregnancy), so with James my insurance denied a bunch of claims because they don't pay for weight loss programs.  I am not trying to lose weight, obviously.  So they had to recode and rebill a bunch of stuff, which was eventually paid.  Hopefully that isn't an issue this time.  Everything else looks fine, blood pressure, etc.  My blood sugars are starting to creep up, as is expected with the second trimester, so we're monitoring my sugars carefully and increasing my insulin doses every few days.  The doctor attempted to find the baby's heart rate with a doplar, but could only get it for a second or two.  So off to the ultrasound room we went.  I'm glad that going to the Perinatal Center means that there is all this equipment available.  Then again, if you sneeze funny during a high risk pregnancy, they do an ultrasound.  The baby's heart rate was a rapid 173, which is a good thing.  James' was always down between 140 and 150, which isn't unusual, just a difference between the two.  Adam, of course, asked the doctor if she could see any little boy or girl parts.  She took a look, but the baby wasn't being super cooperative, tummy down and back rounded, kind of like a little kitten!  Anyway, the doctor said "maybe a boy" but didn't want to give the odds anymore than 50/50.  If the baby was tummy up, waving its little legs, we would have had a better shot.  But at least we asked and got to see the little peanut for a few extra minutes while the doctor checked things out.
I am trying not to totally freak out at the thought of two little boys.  When I talked to Adam about it later in the day, I was in the throws of some hormonal craziness, I was pretty upset, but I really feel like we dodged a bullet with James not having Becker Muscular Dystropy.  The thought of going through the testing, etc. with another little boy makes my heart ache, but I have to get over it.  What's done is done and I can't change the little baby inside me, nor would I want to.  Part of me really thought I could will this child into being a girl, but we will see, it is still a possibility!
The only other thing of note from this appointment was that I will be going to see a neurologist.  I've been having migraine type headaches for the last couple of weeks and the doctor would like to get them under control before I get farther along.  Obviously, my comfort is a big part of that, but headaches are also the big indicator of pre-eclampsia.  Since I had severe pre-e with James, they would go into emergency mode pretty quickly if I was beyond 24 or so weeks and having a headache.  If we get things under control with the migraines now, we'll have a better indicator for high blood pressure later.  So I go to see a neurologist on August 6 and we'll get things sorted out.
On August 13, we will go have our monthly follow up with the OB and have our anatomy ultrasound done.  Since James is getting his eyes dilated that morning, just a few minutes away from the hospital, he will be joining us for the appointment, so hopefully he is in a cooperative mood!


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