Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Early pregnancy differences

So far this pregnancy has been fairly different than my pregnancy with James.  My silly side wants to believe that these differences will mean that we're having a little girl this time around, but I know that may not be the case.
I was very lucky with James, while I was nauseous, I never actually got sick with him.  I was tired, obviously, and moody, but for the most part, the first and second trimesters were very easy.  This time around I am feeling very nauseous, but am also having lots of tummy problems.  Without being too gross, there have been issues on every end of the tummy spectrum.  Again, I haven't been puking, but things have been rough the last few days.  I have also been much more tired that I was with James.  While this could be a difference in the pregnancy, it is more likely a product of our current situation.  James is constantly on the move and we are always running after him.  We are lucky that after James gets home from daycare he is very interested in playing independently.  I guess after sharing all day, he enjoys doing what he wants with his own toys.
Either way, I know that the tummy issues will pass and once I'm into the second trimester, I will hopefully be feeling better and more energetic.  Even though I know that its better to find out that you're pregnant early on in order to avoid complications, sometimes I feel like it draws the 9 months out even more.  We were exactly 4 weeks when we found out about James and at 3 weeks, 4 days this time around, so there is a long way to go!


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