Monday, May 21, 2012

How do you feel about two?

So I blogged about blogging about being pregnant and then wrote nothing for the last 3 days.  Eh, such is life.  Adam left yesterday for the week and by the time James went to bed, he'd worn me out enough that blogging was not going to happen.  Apparently watching 2 hours of Sister Wives was going to happen, but you know, I choose my battles.
So here we are, a posting about pregnancy.  Let me start by saying that basically as soon as we found out that James was a boy (February 15, 2010 for those keeping track), I knew that we'd be having another baby.  I always figured that if I gave in and had one that I would probably want to have two, but having a boy really sealed the deal.  I'm not sure why, I think it has something to do with my strong desire to buy lots of pink stuff.  Me having kids in general feels kind of odd sometimes, I was always one of those girl power, liberated woman types who said she'd never have kids.  But here I am, and I love every second.  I guess not having kids was a part of a facade to keep up my tough image.  Ha!  Do I even have a tough image?
Anyway, I started to get the itch after James turned one and was no longer really a baby.  Adam and I talked about another baby over and over and finally in November decided that February would be the month to give it a go.  But then in December I got sick and needed antibiotics. Since they render birth control useless, it seemed to be the universe telling us it was time.  So I went off my pills and four months later here we are.
I took a test way too early and was sad when it was negative.  The next morning, May 1, I had the itch.  The itch to pee on a stick.  So I did and it had a faint, but still visible pink line.
I called Adam.  He didn't answer.  So I called about 7 more times.  Finally, on the way to work, Adam called me back.  I asked him "How do you feel about two?"  He had no idea what I was talking about, go figure.  So I told him the stick said I was pregnant.  He said "Congratulations" which struck me as a little odd, but that's what he said.  We chatted a minute longer, decided I'd take another test that afternoon and then call the doctor the next day.  Then, out of nowhere, Adam tells me that my girlfriend Judy, had her twins the night before, he'd seen it on facebook.  I immediately freaked out a bit, because Judy was only 32 weeks and I was very worried.  He told me that things couldn't be that bad if Judy was facebooking, which I supposed was true.
It was kind of a crazy morning.  I got off the phone with Adam and called Jackie and then walked into work, real nonchalant, like nothing was going on.
By the way, Judy's twins, Reed and Greyson, are still in the hospital, but are getting stronger everyday.


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