Monday, May 7, 2012

The time James peed on my foot

Awhile ago (I'm not sure exactly when, since my brain is mush and the last few months have been hectic) we bought James a potty.  He picked it out and has been quite happy with it.  The bowl works as a hat and he frequently brings his potty into the living room or where ever he may be playing.  He likes to sit on it, but always in pants.  He will even sit on the potty while I'm on the potty.  He follows us both into the bathroom consistently and does the same with the big boys at daycare.  Our daycare has an open potty kind of situation and I'm ok with that, they're too little to really know what privacy is and they all get their diapers changed in front of each other anyway.
We've been noticing that James stays dry overnight and at naptime, so we decided that we're going to try to put James on the potty in the mornings to get used to going there.  Well, yesterday was the first day of this new stage of potty training.  So I get James up from his nap and take off his diaper (such a rookie move, was I thinking at all?)  We walk to the bathroom and he tells me "No, no no!" and I asked if he wanted a diaper (seriously, take control, Chelsea).  And in that very moment, James peed on my foot and all over the bathroom floor.  I squealed and managed to get him on the potty.  But I failed to immediately point "Lil Jimmy" downward.  So there was more pee, all over my floor.  James was crying, having been startled when I screamed and Adam was downstairs, asking what was going on.  Because clearly, that was the right moment to verbally relay the situation to Adam.  So I said, "we have a situation" and left it at that.  So James peed on the potty.  And on the floor.  And on my foot.
And that was my illustrious intro into the world of potty training.


  1. Welcome to the next level of "organic" parenting.

    Although, as a grandparent, I must admit to thinking 'payback!' ...just for a moment.

    1. And now he's terrified of the potty. Every time I ask if he'd like to sit on it, he looks at me and says "No potty, momma."

      Le sigh.