Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New photos

On Monday, we attempted to get photos of James for his second birthday.  To call it an epic failure would be an understatement.  We did manage to get a few family shots, which I will be updating shortly, but James refused to take pictures on his own.  Toddlers are so much fun!  But we tried and that's the best we could do.  Hopefully James will be cooperative in a backyard photo shoot sometime in the next few days.
We went to The Picture People this time and I don't think we'll be going back, as James started to cry the second we entered the store.  My silly child!  I think the next time we get photos done, we may try to work with a photographer and maybe do something outdoors.  Then again, the cost of doing this may make me change my mind.  Until then, I'm going to keep working on my father, brilliant photographer extraordinaire, to come visit his Grandcub!


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