Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pants off

Last night, James was hell bent on getting his pajama shorts off.  From the time he got out of the bath to the time he went to bed, he wanted to take them off and then put them back on.  Except he had trouble getting them back on, so Adam or I had to help.  Around the 7th time I helped him put his pants back on, I was a little frustrated.  Bedtime rolled around, James was tucked in, and no less than 5 minutes later we heard him rustling around in bed.  He started to make more noise after that, but we tried to ignore him.  James likes when we come hang out in his room these days, so we're trying to let him figure it out on his own that we aren't going to come into his room every night.  Except we're really bad at this and that is why crying it out wasn't ever really successful in our house.
So finally Adam gives in and goes up to James' room.  As soon as he walked in, James stood up, handed his shorts to Adam, and said "Dad?"  He was awake because he wanted to put his shorts back on and couldn't.  He feel asleep shortly thereafter and was fully clothed when I woke him this morning.


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