Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nippy Kippy strikes again

Well Nippy Kippy is at it again, wreaking havoc on the daycare children.  James was the victim of a biting attack yesterday.  Rhonda called me at work to let me know what happened and when I picked James up, she showed me the small bruise on his back.  It actually isn't that bad and Kippy didn't break the skin.  Rhonda also let me know that Kippy's mom had been called and that Kip was disciplined for biting.  I know its a pretty common thing for kids to bite and I know that Rhonda broke up the biting as soon as she could.  She told me that she wouldn't have minded so much if James bit back, but that she broke things up before it got that far.  I was glad that she did, because while I know James would have been defending himself, I still don't want him to think biting is ok.  I read a bunch of articles yesterday about biting, and while they didn't give me any new perspective on the incident, they did reaffirm my thoughts on it.  All we can do when James bites (and he occasionally does test his boundaries) is give a warning and follow up with a timeout.  We also need to make sure James remembers that it hurts when he is bitten and that he doesn't want to make others hurt.  James was actually pretty proud of his booboo, so I don't think he was traumatized too badly.  I think Kippy had a hard time adjusting to James being the "new baby" at daycare and now there is Baby Landon too, making Kip officially one of the "big kids".  He really is a sweet kid and while I would prefer he not snack on my James, I know he's not a bully.


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