Thursday, April 12, 2012


Being the daddy's boy that he is, James can sometimes blow off his mother.  Yes, that's me, his mother.  The woman that packed him around in her belly for 9...  wait, 8 long months.  The one who sacrificed her body and occasionally her forgetful mind.  But enough about her...  Because dad is the coolest thing ever.  Dad builds forts with blankets and plays the guitar and creates silly games that are far beyond the realm of mom.  And that's okay, but sometimes the boys club is a little much to handle.
But every night after dinner, dad leaves for 20 to 30 minutes to walk the dog.  And during that time, James is stuck with mom, whether he likes it or not.  Last night, as James and I sat reading a new book on the couch, he climbed onto my lap, faced me and wrapped his arms tightly around me.  He snuggled his head in and held on for a minute.  He crawled off my lap for a second and then immediately came back and did the same thing, wrapped his arms tight and held me for just a minute.  Then he let go, climbed down, and proceeded to destroy another area of my living room.
I told Adam about the hugging session later, after James had gone to bed.  Adam responded with a wink, "I like he kind of likes you."


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