Thursday, April 5, 2012

More notes on being a working mom

I've talked about enjoying and needing to be a working mom before on the ol' blog.  I, for the most part, enjoy work.  I like making money, I like what I do, and most of the time, I tolerate my coworkers.  Actually, this bunch of coworkers are a cake walk compared to my former position in downtown Baltimore.
I think I'm more well rounded, more sane, and a better mom to James because I work outside of the home.  This is 2012, people!  I'm a working, career AND family oriented woman.  I juggle a lot, I wear many hats, and I honestly believe can have it "all".  I want it all and I make no apologies.
Ok, that's starting to sound like a rant, but perhaps that's what this is.
Over last weekend, I was asked by a family member of Adam's if/when we have another baby, if I will then "get to be" a stay at home mom.  This question implied a lot of things - namely that my husband and I should be sharing our sex life/procreation plans with our families (which is just weird on so many levels), that for some reason I am currently not able to be a stay at home mom, and finally that I should WANT to be a stay at home mom.  The question itself made me feel like the woman's movement was set back a hundred years or so.
When I replied that I could be a stay at home mom now and that I don't want to, I got a look like I had seven heads.  Why on earth would I not want to be home with my precious baby everyday?  And when its put like that, of course I would like to be with my kid as much as possible.
I stumbled out some answer about how I still make more money than even 2 daycare bills would cost, but I wish I could have put into words what I was feeling/thinking a little better.  I think ultimately I was just trying to get off the subject of more babies because it was making me feel extremely awkward.
Can I sigh now?


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