Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Keeping up

Everyone told me how quickly James would grow up, from my parents to coworkers, I have heard so many times about how quickly time flies.  I have certainly found this to be true and more than anything, I want to capture as many of James' special moments as possible.
But I have to say, its really hard to do.
James does so much everyday and learns something new everyday.
Right now, some of his favorite things are:
Looking at flashcards
Looking at picture books
Pointing out objects and asking "Dat?" when looking at story books
Playing with computers (hitting the keys and/or turning it off while an adult tries to use it)
Trying to give Mac commands
Chasing the kitties yelling "MAO, MAO!" (is there another communist revolution coming?)
Having someone put food in his mouth for him because he's too busy to do it himself
Trying to put his own socks on
Sitting on his potty fully clothed
Leaning in for snuggles when asked
Saying "No, no, no" in what kind of sounds like a French accent (too much Calliou?)
Saying "Go, go go" when riding on his scooter
Putting trash in the trash can or handing an adult trash that he finds
Those are a few things James is up to and I wish I could remember and write down every little thing that he does.  But I have to realistic!  I also have to remember to put the camera down and enjoy my little boy with 100% of my attention from time to time.


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