Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The scooter

In our St. Paddy's Day green
This weekend we ran a lot of errands.  Since I was in California last weekend and the boys were bachelors, we had a lot of things to do.  So Saturday morning we went to Sam's Club, Home Depot, and Babies R Us.  James was in a good mood, so we knocked all three trips out at once.  At Sam's Club we got diapers, at Home Depot we priced out some patio furniture (patio furniture didn't make it into our budget last summer, but we are finally getting some!), and we went to Babies R Us for a potty and some other little things.  Yes, James picked out his own potty at Babies R Us and has been carrying it around the house ever since.  He loves it.  Sometimes he will sit on it, but since we aren't actively potting training just yet, he mostly just plays with it and puts the bowl part on his head like a hat.
We also got James a scooter to play with outside.  It can convert from a ride on toy to an actual stand up scooter and James just loves it.  We played outside with the new scooter on Saturday and then brought it in so he could practice scooting inside.  Well after awhile James just wanted us to push him around on it.  And he kept whining and whining to be pushed.  He finally went to bed and I meant to put the scooter out of sight in the basement.
But of course I forgot.  So Sunday morning, James immediately upon waking up started to sit and whine at the scooter.  I picked it up and moved it to the basement and that is when all hell broke lose.  You would have thought I broke his arm the way James was crying.  He even woke Adam, who was sleeping in, up.  Oops, little bit of a mommy fail there.  He eventually got over his tantrum and we did play with the scooter later that day, but lesson learned for this mom, move the toy when he's not looking...

So happy on his scooter!


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