Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hey Jealousy-

I had quite the experience dropping James off at daycare this morning.  Rhonda lives in a row home and there are 5 steps to get from her foyer into the living room.  There is obviously a gate at the steps (and everywhere else in the house, since she's a licensed daycare) and the gate is usually open.  Baby Landon, at 10 months, has started standing and walking a bit, so the gate was closed this morning.  When James and I reached the gate, I set him down on the steps and went to unlock it.  Well, Rhonda was in the kitchen and couldn't readily grab Landon, who was now standing directly in front of me.  So I grabbed Landon and proceeded to unlatch the gate.  You would have thought that I had broken James' legs, the way he wailed.  He was so appalled that his own mother would pick up another child.  He threw himself down at the top of the stairs and wouldn't move.  He just cried and cried.  I still needed to close the gate again, as to not have Landon hurl himself downstairs.  It took a second to put Landon down far enough away and then move James and re latch the gate.
So that was fun.  My boy is such a drama queen, with his fake tears and crying.  The second Landon was out of my arms, he stopped.  I didn't even have to pick him back up for him to stop crying.  My silly boy turned into a green eyed monster!


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