Monday, March 26, 2012

The Egg Timer

Yesterday, the three of us went to Ikea to scope out some furniture for the back yard.  James was in an interesting mood, not quite grumpy, but a little clingy, so one of us had to carry him for most of the trip.  Despite that, we had a nice time, looking through furniture, testing out chairs, and for James, looking in the children's section.  We ended up bringing home a rocking horse, which James really loves.  Other than that, there were no toys that really struck James' interest.  Well there were no toys that James really had to have, but there was an egg timer.  He picked it up in the kitchen section and proceeded to carry the egg timer all over the store.  Being the loving parents we are (and not wanting a to cause a scene while attempting to take the egg timer away), we bought the boy his egg timer.  He sat with it in the car, fell asleep with it on the way home, and even took it with him to nap time.
After seeing the outdoor furniture that Ikea had to offer, I think we're going with the set we saw at Home Depot last weekend.  I really liked the Ikea set, but it is wood and the Home Depot Set is metal, which I think will last longer.  Also, Home Depot will deliver, so that is a bonus.  I'm pretty excited to have a nice area to sit in the backyard while James plays this summer, since we have nothing out there right now.  Between his water table and scooter, James is going to have a lot of fun this summer!


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