Friday, December 2, 2011

My kid is the cutest

I know, everyone says that about their kid.  James is just really cute though.
And I have evidence!
Yesterday, Baby Landon arrived at daycare before us, which doesn't usually happen.  He was laying in the pack 'n' play where James usually takes his naps.  James looked at me and said "Baby?  Bed?"  He pointed up to the ceiling when he said it (at home, when James asks to go to bed, he points upstairs, where his bed is).
Seriously, that's cute.
Also right now, everything is a phone to James.  His Fisher Price cell phone, hair brushes, and as of last night, Chicken McNugget containers are all phones.  We got McDonald's for dinner last night because I've been sick and the thought of cooking dinner just didn't appeal to me.  We don't often give James fast food, but it does happen from time to time.  He also ate carrots with his Happy Meal and he would have had apples to go with it if McDonald's wasn't full of incompetent workers.  But I digress.  After his nuggets container was empty, James help it up to his ear and said "Hi" then he handed it to Adam.  I keep saying that we need to get him to say something other than hi into the phone, but I guess you have to start somewhere.
And more proof that James is cute?
Well, he looks like the best of both me and Adam.  My blond hair and Adam's bright brown eyes.
My kid is the cutest.