Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Again

I haven't posted much lately, I've been a bit uninspired and busily working on getting this infection out of my poor lungs.  I spent the majority of the weekend coughing and blowing my nose and I think most of the gunk has left the building.  At least I'm hoping so.  James and I both finished up our antibiotics and James seems to be feeling 100%.  Although he did have a random fever yesterday afternoon.  Some Tylenol brought it down right away, so I'm thinking it was just a fluke.
This weekend was very relaxing, we hung out around the house and I did some cleaning yesterday.  James ran around like a maniac and we had a nice time.  He is talking and communicating more and more, which really takes the pressure off to figure out what he wants, either based on his non verbal cues or his usual routine.  As well as you know your baby, its really nice when you ask if he wants a snack and he says, "Yea".  So much easier!  Then you just get him the snack and he doesn't whine at you!  Aside from yogurt, James gets very mad if you even attempt to put anything in his mouth.  Unless of course he's feeling lazy, then he will only eat if you put food in there for him.  The only way to discern these moods is to test the waters.  But overall, James continues to be a laid back kind of guy.
Lately at daycare some of the boys have been acting crazier than usual.  There was Kip and the biting and lately Joel (who is 3 and a half) and Kip (notice the repeat offender here) have been having lots of fights.  They both have very strong personalities and tend to butt heads.  But Rhonda always reports that James has been well behaved and pretty much ignores the boys when they're being crazy.  James will sit and snuggle with someone for awhile, so even though he's growing up, he's still got a little baby left in him.
So we are back to work and daycare this week.  Next week James has his 18 month appointment on Monday when Rhonda is closed.  His Christmas party is on the 23rd and then we head straight into all of the holiday madness.


  1. This Kip kiddo needs to a) leave or b) get his butt kicked. =)

  2. @The Lasher Family
    Haha, he's a little badass. Actually Kip is the most adorable and huggable kid, he's just really high strung and a bit wild. Funny enough, his older brother, Toben (4 & a half), is quiet and sweet, the complete opposite of his little brother. Tob goes to full day preschool now, so we don't see him as much. The few times Kip has messed with James have ended with James swatting him away and Kip leaving him alone. Then again, James is a year younger and just as tall.