Saturday, November 24, 2012

33 weeks

Week 33!  The baby is the size of a durian!  The bad news is that I have no idea what the heck a durian is!  I will have to google it...  And I have to apologize for my late post.  I spent the first part of the day yesterday cleaning and putting up Christmas decorations and the second part writhing in pain from severely overdoing it!  But aside from the Christmas tree ornaments, the decorations are up.  One quarter of our pre-lit tree isn't lighting all the time, but I am going to live with it for now.
I suppose that I also didn't update about my last doctor's appointment either, so I should do that before I get too behind.  After this coming week, I'll be at the doctor's office twice a week.  This is still better than my first pregnancy, when I had a regular OB and a high risk OB and had 3 appointments a week towards the end.  Although, James came early, so I got out of most of those appointments.
Anywho, the non stress test was a bit stressful, for mom at least.  We were late for the appointment due to traffic.  I made the appointment before I realized that Rhonda would be off, so 8 AM was reasonable.  Rhonda has early drop off, so James could have gone at 7 AM and we would have made it to Towson (about 30 minutes in traffic) with no problem.  But drop off for the new daycare is at 7:30 AM, so I knew we'd be rushing.  Add in traffic and we were late.  I am my mother's child, being late causes me great stress!  But that's not really what this test is looking for.  Its just fetal monitoring.  They hooked us up to a heart monitor and a baby movement monitor (I should find out the technical term for that one...) and handed over the TV remote.  Adam was with me, so we just hung out and waited.  The baby was responsive, after about 45 minutes or so.  James was never responsive during these tests, so to get any movement at all was nice.
After the NST, we had to go back into the waiting room.  I should add that the Perinatal Center was absolute chaos by this time.  The phones were ringing off the hook and people were everywhere.  We waited about 30 minutes to go back for our growth ultrasound.  At that point, I was definitely getting hungry, as I didn't eat lunch and wanting to get things rolling.  So we had a look at the little guy.  He's weighing in at 5 pounds 6 ounces, give or take a pound, which means he's huge.  We already had a feeling that he'd be huge, since that's our experience, but I had no idea he'd be that big!  After the ultrasound I still had to be seen for my routine OB check up.
The doctor surprised me a little bit, she handed me a slip of paper that said "January 7, 2013 - 10 AM, arrive at 7:30 AM".  Yes, my C-Section has been scheduled.  Which actually means next to nothing, aside from being the last possible date that the baby will come.  When we asked more questions, we learned that if the baby comes prior to that date for any reason (going into labor, crazy uncontrolled blood sugars, high blood pressure) it will be a "game day" decision.  So nothing has really changed, but it was a bit odd to have a scheduled date for the little guy to come.  The doctor even said we could mark it on our calendars if we wanted to test God...  so I did.  Ha!
Other than that, my appointment was okay.  We can see my insulin need going up everyday day or so, so all my hourly insulin rates went up a big.  My insulin need this pregnancy has not been that high, so I'm not surprised to see it going up now.
At the end of our appointment, we scheduled all of my NSTs, ultrasounds, and routine OB visits through our scheduled C-section date.  With my luck, I will have made all the appointments, but won't need them, but I figured it was better to be on the safe side.  To really tempt fate, my NST on Christmas Eve will be in Labor and Delivery, since the doctor's office is closed.  So after this coming week, every Monday and Thursday morning I will be at St. Joseph's.  I need to type up that schedule and give it to my bosses and my mom, so everyone knows where I am.  Luckily, Adam works from home on Mondays, so if I need him, he'll be close.  And now that I've talked your ear (eyes?) off, I am going to finish my online Christmas shopping!

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