Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Don't you dare try to keep me warm

Last night, it was my turn to take the overnight feeding shift.  We've been very lucky that Logan has been eating only once a night, so we can take turns.  If you wake up the feed the baby, the other wakes up to walk the dog in the morning.  This means that one day every weekend, one of us gets to sleep in.  Note that sleeping in around our house means 7 AM.
So last night was my turn.  Logan fell asleep around 8 PM and woke up around 2 AM, which is his usual at the moment.  He woke up squealing his happy squeals, I fed him, snuggled him, and watched him fall asleep.  Then I tucked him under his blanket (Oh no, a blanket in the crib, child abuse!) and turned the light off.  I walked to the bathroom and heard him wake up and start squealing his happy squeals again.  So I repeated the bedtime process a couple more times.  Each time I put him under his covers, walked away, and then he woke up.
After more than an hour of this process, I sent Adam in.  Adam wasn't thrilled that he was called in, but I'd been trying for awhile, so I figured maybe someone else would know what to do.
So Adam walks in, takes the covers off Logan, and watches the baby fall asleep in a matter of seconds.  Logan was mad that I was keeping him warm.  He was trying unsuccessfully to kick his blanket off and waking himself up.
Its time like this that make me enjoy children that verbally communicate.  Although, they aren't near as likely to snuggle.


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