Thursday, March 21, 2013

The new routine

Things have been going well around our house!  This week has been a bit hectic, trying to get myself and the boys out the door, but I've really made an effort to do as much as possible the night before.  I pick out my clothes, James' clothes, change Logan into his outfit for the next day (Is that bad?  I mean, he just hangs out in a sleeper all day, so why not get him into it the night before...), make lunches, and take a shower.  I feel like I'm superwoman every time I get to work on time!
So far, Logan loves daycare.  Rhonda has enjoyed having a little guy to cuddle and Logan loves to look at all the new sights.  The kids are certainly keeping him entertained and James has only been a little jealous of the other kids paying attention to his baby brother.  James has done well, he's regressing a bit, but nothing too terrible.  He really likes to be the baby and who can blame him.  But he's gotten no time outs all week and has been very helpful for Rhonda.  Maybe one day he will want to be helpful for mom and dad and actually use the potty, but that's another story.
Logan's been sleeping really well, he gets so tired during the day and fights sleep, but by the time he gets home and eats (and eats again) he is ready for bed.  Over the weekend we made it a priority to get him in bed by 8:30 pm and that time frame is slowly moving forward (which is the goal).  James has always been in bed asleep by 7:30 pm and Logan is following suit nicely.  He's been sleeping longer stretches too (probably due to the 8 ounces he's been eating between 5 pm and 7 pm) which is really wonderful.
I've been making a huge effort with going to the gym and am so happy with our routine these days.  I can only hope it will continue and that my motivation will as well.

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