Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sleep is amazing

So it turns out that while Logan isn't a great napper, he's an awesome night sleeper.  I had no idea it was possible for a little baby to actually sleep at night!  James never got more than a few hours in a row before he wanted to be fed.  Then we had issues with him still waking up to eat, even at 12 months old.  James also teethed very early and for the longest time, which didn't help with sleep.  He never even got the chance to sleep through the night because he was teething so badly from 4 months on.
But Logan is a sleeper.  He's been going a long time before waking up, usually down by 8 pm and sleeping at least 6 to 8 hours.  Its just crazy to me!  And I know that as soon as you talk about how well your baby is sleeping, they usually stop, but we have had this pattern going on for 2 weeks now.  Coming soon will be his 4 month growth spurt and "wakeful period" as all the books call it, and I know he will teethe at some point, but I am really relishing this time to actually sleep.


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