Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Waiting for cuspids

James now has all 4 of his first year molars in (some more than others).  The funny thing is that the last one to come in is the one that's come in the most.  Perhaps that is why my child is up screaming at all hours of the night...  Now we are just waiting for all 4 of his cuspids to come in.  I've heard a mixed review of cuspid teething - some say they're worse than molars, some say they're easier.  I suppose we will see in the coming weeks.  As soon as they're in we need to find a pediatric dentist in the area.  I think I'll get Adam to take James to that appointment...


  1. Don't be a wimp... take him to the dentist yourself! I did it last week and it wasn't bad at all. Did she cry? Yup. Did the dentist do everything she needed to go? Yup. Suck it up woman!!! =)

  2. @The Lasher Family
    I do the annual eye dilation, Adam can do the dentist. Really it will depend on our schedules. I have to find somewhere to take him though, the pediatric dentist in Glen Burnie isn't taking new patients. Maybe I will take him to ours, I have to check with them.