Sunday, October 9, 2011

The time James puked on the dog...

James and I have both had a cold the last few days.  Nothing big, just the usual change of the seasons cold, a slight runny nose for both of us.  Yesterday, I was feeling better, so I decided to go to Jackie's party in West Virginia as planned.  Adam and James had already planned to stay home and let me have a night off.  Normally Adam and James would go with me to Jackie's house, but we would leave around his bedtime.  I was glad that we had already decided that James would stay home, especially with his cold.  Sometime shortly after I left, James puked at the dinner table.  His whole dinner, lunch, everything was all over him, his high chair, his dad, etc.  So Adam called me and I quickly turned around (Adam sounded pretty panic stricken and I knew I would worry about James all night if I didn't go check on him.)  So I got off the Beltway, turned around, got back on the Beltway and headed home.  When I get home, I find James in his diaper, getting ready for a bath and see that the dining room was pretty cleaned up at this point.  I didn't really see Mac and didn't think about it much.  James got cleaned up, we put on his jammies, and gave him some water.  He seemed to be feeling fine, his usual perky, giggly self, so I decided to head back out.  Right as I was about to leave, Mac walks in and Adam says "Why is Mac wet?"  We both look over to see that James had puked all over the dog.  Mac looked like a little drunk, orphan dog.  Needless to say, Mac got a bath after James went to bed.  This morning James seems to feel fine, he got a good night's rest, and his nose isn't even running.  I think he is feeling better, Mac however, is still working the guilt trip.


  1. Bella has thrown up twice in the last week! Vomiting is new territory for us because Bella never really spit up as a baby. Hope James is feeling better!

  2. @The Lasher Family
    He is feeling better, thank you! I think that his runny nose just made him gag a little bit. Is Bella doing ok or was it just random puking?