Friday, October 7, 2011

He's a walker!

James has taken his sweet time learning to walk.  Or at least letting people see that he had learned to walk.  After quietly "practicing" for quite some time, James is finally walking!  Yesterday when I picked him up from daycare, Rhonda mentioned that he had taken a few steps in a row, a few different times!  When we got home, James showed both Adam and I his new skill by taking two little steps.  Later, when Adam was walking Mac, James took 6 unassisted steps in the living room.  He's still a little shaky, but we're so excited that our little boy is finally a toddler.  He is so proud of himself, its adorable.  As he walks, he likes to clap for himself or stop and do a little dance.  The dance is very funny, its kind of a butt wiggle and it never fails to throw off his balance.  Soon enough, I'm sure his balance will be fine and we will be running around like crazy people.  I am so happy!  And even happier that because he walked by 18 months, we won't have to go to a developmental specialist for evaluation (based on what our doctor old us at his 15 month check up).  Go James!