Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mac and James

When I got pregnant, lots of people asked how we thought Mac, our 3 year old Sheltie, would handle having a baby in the house.  And I never really had any fears about it.  Mac has been a very obedient dog, a bit stubborn (especially for a Sheltie, who are usually people pleasers), but overall he's a very sweet and loving dog.  The day we brought James home from the hospital, we put the baby carrier down and let Mac sniff him.  He proceeded to bark at the baby for the next few hours, but James didn't wake up.  We figured he must have gotten used to the sound of Mac barking in utero, but were still amazed that our loud dog didn't wake him.  But Mac got the message very quickly that the baby was a "pack member" and he adjusted quickly.  Since bringing James home, their relationship has grown quite a bit and its really pretty adorable.  Now it isn't unusual for James to crawl over to Mac and snuggle with him.  James will put his head on Mac and lean in.  If James is in one of our laps, Mac will want to sit in your lap as well, so its a tight squeeze.  Recently, James has started to throw balls for Mac and while I'm worried that he's going to take a lamp or the television out, its cute to see them playing together.  James doesn't hesitate to give Mac some of his dinner and Mac has learned to share his toys with the baby (although James doesn't like to share his in return).  I love that Mac and James get along so well and can't wait to see them grow up together.
Guarding his baby - James is about 2 months here

Making sure James' head was cleaned

Mac learned early on that baby's taste good

Group snuggle time - James is 14 months here


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