Tuesday, October 11, 2011

James and his daddy

I always knew that Adam would be a great dad.  Even in our younger, far less mature days, I knew that any kid of ours would be so lucky to have Adam.  Maybe that's because he acts like a kid himself some days, but I really I think kids can pick up on his fun-loving, adventurous, and imaginative nature.  From day one, James was Adam's boy.  They got to bond far sooner than James and I did and to this day it definitely shows.  Since I was laid up in the hospital myself, Adam frequented the NICU.  He learned to change diapers, dress (not an easy task when there are 6 wires attached to the baby!), feed, bathe, and burp James, all before I even set a foot near James' isolette.  Although, I guess it took a few days for me to set foot anywhere, since I was being wheeled around, but you know what I mean.  The first time my mom saw James in the NICU she came out beaming with pride.  Not only the pride of a new grandma, but also that of someone who was so genuinely impressed with her son-in-law.  Knowing I could rely on Adam has made my job as a mom so much easier.  Adam took 3 weeks of paternity leave after I went back to work and fondly called those days "Daddy Daycare".  As James has grown, so has their relationship.  They laugh, play, wrestle, and talk like old friends.  Sometimes when I see them together its like they're in their own little world and its in those moments that I feel so happy with our family and life together.  I have a feeling the two of them are going to be ganging up on me for years to come!  None of this to say that James isn't a mommy's boy on occasion.  He loves to get his snuggles in with mom and I think he knows where to go for fun and where to go for affection.
Funny story about James' being a daddy's boy:  This morning when he woke up, I changed his diaper and dressed him.  Adam walked in and James reached out for a hug.  After that Adam handed him back off so I could take him downstairs for some milk while Adam finished getting ready for work.  You would think Adam handed him back to a perfect stranger.  James wailed the whole way down the steps.  Adam called down the stairs, "You better be nice James, Mom's remember everything!"  Very funny, dear.


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