Thursday, November 20, 2014

The last few months... list form

In the last few months Logan has:

1.  Gotten tubes in his ears.
2.  Begun speech therapy through the Baltimore County Infants and Toddlers program for his slight speech delay.
3.  Learned to LOVE Elmo.
4.  Started to climb everything.
5.  Continued to run head first through life, occasionally into the path of heavy machinery.
6.  Fallen in love with Rhonda's kitten, Callie.
7.  Started to have tantrums consistent with almost being 2.
8.  Fully committed to being a daddy's boy, which took much longer than mom thought.
9.  Slept consistently through the night.

In the last few months James has:

1.  Improved his bike riding skills (but still with training wheels).
2.  Gotten even more curious about the world around him (why does the sun rise and set, when does a new day start, what day of the week is it, why is it cold out).
3.  Figured out most of his family's relationships, save some of the more complicated ones (Grandpa is dad's dad, Grandma Deedee is mom AND Uncle Trav's mom, Auntie Chelle is dad's stepsister, which means they're family but no, they don't look alike).
4.  Continued to love preschool.
5.  Gotten even more opinionated on what he wants to wear.
6.  Mostly been accident free during the day...  mostly.  And has started to be better at night.  Well, a little.  Some nights?  We're trying...
7.  Started to refer to his brother as "Little Feet".
8.  Started to play alone in his room from time to time, especially when little brother wants to eat Legos.
9.  Played on his first soccer team, if you count sitting down in the middle of the field every game as playing.


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