Monday, February 25, 2013


Adam has gone to the same barber, Miss Chau (pronounced Chow, she and her husband Kevin are Vietnamese)  since we've lived in this house.  James started to see her when he was 11 months old and got his first haircut.  Adam gets his hair cut faithfully every 3 weeks and James does every 6.  Its about the only consistent thing in our lives, it seems sometimes!
Today, I reached either a new level of efficiency or a new low in my adult life...  I let Chau cut my hair.  She does cut woman's hair on occasion, but usually its guys.  
She actually did a great job and I'm glad to have checked something off my to do list! We took more than six inches off and my head feels much lighter. And at only $15 I may continue to let Chau do my yearly haircut!
I look tired.  Oh wait, I am tired!


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