Friday, February 8, 2013

Fussy boy

The last few weeks have been going pretty well at our house.  We're settling into having a baby and getting used to new routines.  Although, I go back to work next week which will change things again.  Adam is taking 4 weeks of paternity leave and will go back on March 18th, once again changing things up, but I'm glad he'll have time to bond with Logan.
Mr. Baby (we are fond of calling him this, as he is a one serious baby) is doing well.  He eats like crazy and is finally figuring out that he should sleep at night.  He sleeps from about 8 PM to 2 AM and then again from 4 AM til 7 AM.  He usually takes his first morning nap after we return from dropping James off at daycare.  So we're all sleeping a bit better.  He is slowly awake less and less during his wake up at 2 AM.  Logan is a good amount fussier than James ever was.  He likes things just so and will let you know if you aren't meeting his standard.  Sometimes he cries to be fed, even when he's not hungry.  He screams if he wants to be entertained, cuddled, or laid on his tummy.  James screamed a good deal during his first three months due to gas issues.  Then, almost the very day he turned 3 months old, it ended.  They call the first 3 months of life the "fourth trimester" because in a perfect world, where humans are mammoths, babies would gestate for a full year.  But due to reasons, mainly size related, we give birth after 9 months.  Anyway, I am hoping that in the next few weeks, Logan's screaming will die down a good bit.
Other than that, his personality is very serious.  He smiles in his sleep, but usually has a silly little smirk on his face.  He still looks almost identical to his older brother as a baby, but appears to have darker hair.  His eyes are still blue, but look like they are changing to brown everyday.
Fussy babies are hard.  When you're home everyday with an angry baby, you really start to feel like you're doing a crap job of being a mother.  Or at least I do.  With toddlers, even when they're mad or grumpy, they still will show affection.  A hug or kiss can go a long way when you're feeling like the worst mom ever, but infants can't give that kind of response.  That's been a hard thing for me to remember, when I feel like my baby must hate me because he's been fussy all day.  But I know all too soon, he won't be a tiny (well, not so tiny, since he's gaining weight like crazy!) baby and I'll want these sleepless nights back.
Overall, we're doing well.  To our credit and experience with James, Adam and I have not had a middle of the night, overly tired screaming match.  We had them almost nightly for awhile with James, for no other reason than tiredness and unclear expectations.  We've had a better plan for how to handle overnight feedings this time and I think the clearer communication has helped us both.  Not that we ever held grudges about these middle of the night squabbles, but its better not to call your spouse horrible names at 3 AM.  Okay, I might have been the main name caller, but we will look the other way.


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