Thursday, January 24, 2013

Our doctor is a trip

Our pediatrician, Dr. Chander, has been really wonderful.  I got the recommendation for him from my old boss (who has actually since been removed by the state, go figure).  This boss was such a tyrant that any doctor she trusted to care for her son for 12 years, I knew must be good.
James has been seeing Dr. Chander since he was born and now Logan will go too.  Since he was on vacation when Logan was one week old, we saw one of his colleagues, making his one month check up the first to see Dr. Chander.  We've got a great relationship with the doctor and so I had no fear asking him about something a bit...  delicate.
We were worried about the way Logan's circumcision healed.  It seemed like there was a bit too much skin left.  Sometimes it doesn't seem like a circumcision was done at all, after all the swelling went down.  Not having much to compare it to, we were really starting to worry that Logan might need to have it revisited, so we asked the doctor.
He gave it one looked, poked around a bit and said to me "Don't worry, he'll grow into it."
I wanted to die laughing right then and there.  At least there's nothing to worry about.


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