Sunday, January 20, 2013

One month milestones

I can't believe that one month can fly by so quickly, but I find that time moves quickly when you're sleep deprived.  So far, I've managed to still be punctual, even with the added stress and packing that a new baby bring.  Most mornings, I take James to daycare.  Logan comes with us and sits in the car while I run James in.  I figure this is good practice for when I'm back to work and have to get all three of us out the door.
I think its funny that I'm talking about being punctual, but Logan's one month post is 2 days late, but his doctor's appointment is today, so that's my reasoning.  You wouldn't want to read this update without his updated length and weight, right?
Well, now the post is three days late, as I'm adding his length and weight, but here you are.
Logan is weighing in at 10 pounds 7 ounces and is 21 inches long.  He's gained 3 pounds 2 ounces in 3 weeks and grown a quarter of an inch.  He's a stocky guy.  I double checked James' records and he weighs a pound more at one month, but is an inch longer.  We talked with the pediatrician who is pretty sure both boys are going to be between 6' 1" and 6' 4", which means they would get their height from my side of the family.  Who knew my genes were so dominate?  Either way, we're happy Logan is eating well and gaining weight.

Mastered Skills
Lifts head when lying on tummy
Logan has great head control for a little guy.  He has been lifting it during tummy time for a few weeks now.
Responds to sound
Yes, Logan is quite curious when he hears one of many crazy noises that go on in our house.
Stares at faces
Logan will sit, wide awake and check out whoever is holding him.  He seems to be very serious and I love chatting with him while he looks up at me.

Emerging Skills
Follows objects briefly with eyes
Yes, Logan has started tracking with his eyes.
Verbalizes:  oohs and aahs
Not just yet, we haven't heard too many oohs and aahs out of the little guy, but he makes a variety of strange scream-like noises.
Can see black and white patterns
I don't have any real confirmation on this one, but he does like to look at the black and white patterns on some of his toys, so I think Logan is meeting this milestone.

Advanced Skills
Smiles, laughs
Logan will smile randomly, its not quite a social smile yet (even if mom would like to think he is smiling just for her...)
Holds head at 45-degree angle
Yes, Logan will do this either on the floor or if he is laying on your chest.  Sometimes he is quite forceful when he lifts his head and tries to swan dive out of your arms.  He definitely knows how to keep his parents on their toes!


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