Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lack of updates!

What a crazy few days it has been.  The end of this pregnancy has certainly been one to remember and while I've been wanting to update the blog (and record for posterity) I have just been so tired.
Last Friday night, I went to bed even though my blood pressure was very high (around 154/100).  I knew when I woke up that it would probably not have gone down and I was right.  At 6 AM Saturday morning, I was up to 160/105 which was within the range that the doctor had given me on Thursday to call them.  So I called the doctor's service and they called me back around 30 minutes later.  We finished packing up my things and got to Labor and Delivery triage around 8:30 AM
Long story short, they decided to admit me.  My blood pressure was high enough that they didn't feel comfortable sending me home.  On the other hand, my urine protein was not high enough to deliver immediately.  So the doctor ordered another 24 hour urine collection, certain that on Sunday evening it would show protein and that we would deliver first thing Monday morning.
If only that had been the case.  There was some protein in my urine, but not enough to meet the standard for pre-eclampsia.  So I went home Sunday evening, with a prescription for blood pressure medication.  I was frustrated and tired, but happy that the baby would have some more time to develop.
Monday morning, I went to my regularly scheduled Biophysical Profile appointment.  The baby looks good, he's wiggling and breathing as he should be.  When we talked to the doctor, she basically said "Let's get this baby out".  We looked at a variety of dates, but ultimately it was decided that this Friday, December 21, we will be having the baby.
I am happy and excited to be done with this pregnancy.  We're very glad to have made it to 37 weeks, which I will be exactly on Friday.  Hopefully we can have a short hospital stay of 4 days and both be on our way home!
Thursday morning I am still scheduled for my regular Non Stress Test, although I have been warned by my doctor's office to have all my things with me, in case they decide not to let me go home.  I'm assuming my blood pressure would have to be very high or protein would have to be spilling for this to happen, but I will pack my bag and head off on Thursday morning.


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