Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The spokesman

In the last few days, James has started speaking for his brother.  He's often given us his interpretations of Logan's cries, but now he's telling us exactly what Logan is saying.
Last night, Logan said "Baa" as we were trying to feed him, and James looked at us and said, "I think Baby Logan says no."  Adam and I cracked up, Logan was saying no, because he was definitely done with dinner at that point.
Then this morning, as I was walking downstairs with the boys I said,  "I love you guys" to which James responded, "We love you, too".
I love that James is a great big brother, he's caring and loves to hug and kiss his baby.  Lately, he's been a bit impatient with Logan, running him over, rather than walking around him and we've been working on saying, "excuse me, Logan" while walking around.  Sharing is actually getting easier, especially now that Logan joins in the playing, rather than just chewing on the shared toy in question.
Our James is an outgoing sort of kid, which should make life increasingly interesting in the years to come.

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  1. Hi, Chelsea! Somehow I missed this last post on your blog - just have to say that you write beautifully. I especially enjoy how your posts about your boys capture the small details of life that are so often overlooked and forgotten. Your writing reads like a love letter to your family. You're probably busier than ever, but if hope that you don't stop blogging entirely. I'm missing your posts!