Thursday, June 30, 2011

Standing up

And he's up!
James has been close to pulling himself up to stand for awhile now. He would stand if you put him there and could hold himself up for awhile, but we've been waiting for him to do it on his own. A few days ago, his daycare provider, Rhonda (who we couldn't love more, she is seriously a saint) said he had gotten himself up on his feet! Well, we have been dying to see it for ourselves. And now we have! This morning, while Adam was getting ready, James was sitting at the bottom of our stairs. Adam walked to the top of the steps and there was James, standing up. He called down to me and I looked up to find my little guy, standing up all on his own. He is becoming such a big kid, I hardly recognize him. A few days ago I said to Adam, "I dropped a baby off at daycare and got a toddler back." That has definitely been the case lately.
So proud of himself this morning

Other fun things James is doing right now include giving high fives, saying "hi" to anyone and anything, feeding himself (a ton!), playing with the cats for as long as they will let him, and head butting the dog. So far, Mac doesn't seem to mind the head butts from his youngest human, but our cats, Albert and Sassy, try to stay clear of him.


  1. I love that you are posting his day to day happenings on here. So excited to be able to be able to "watch" him grow!

  2. Well I love sharing what he's doing, but I know the facebook forum isn't always the best for that kind of thing! On here, I can brag about even the dumbest of accomplishments! :)