Monday, June 27, 2011

Mom says no...

Now that James is 1, we're starting to correct behaviors. We've been doing this for awhile now, actually. Mainly, we like to "redirect" or give him something else to do when he's "exploring" something that he shouldn't be. You know, electrical cords, the cats tail, mugs of hot coffee, everything a toddler shouldn't have. On occasion, we say "no" and he usually listens very well (unless he's throwing stuff off of his highchair, in which case, he listens to no one!). Surprisingly well, since he's still a little guy. But we are trying very vigilantly to not just say no, but correct the behavior and then give him something else to do. This morning, however, I had a parenting fail.
I was adjusting my insulin pump (on a Monday AM, while trying feverishly to get out the door) and James grabbed onto it. He scared the crap out of me, and I yelled "NO!" I was mainly concerned that he was going to rip the thing out and I'd have to start all over, making us late. I was also worried that I was still in the middle of putting it in (which involves a needle and cathiter) and it was going to hurt like hell if he pulled it out. So I yelled. And he put his lower lip out as far as it could possibly go and cried. And cried. And I was still trying to get the pump in, so I was unable to pick him up right away. So he cried and I finished what I was doing. Then I picked the little man up and gave him a hug. I said I was sorry for yelling and scaring him. James got over it and to daycare we went. But really, I have been feeling bad about it all morning. I know he has a short memory and it won't be the last time I yell at my son, I just have to remember to choose my words and actions carefully.


  1. I know how that goes... I was over at my friend Tina's (the one with the other James, who's only like a month and half older than yours) and I was watching him while Tina was in the kitchen. I look away for like 2 seconds and when I look back he's got one hand in the trash can and one hand holding a pack of cigarettes and I did the same thing, "NO!" He just plopped right down on the floor and started to cry so so loudly. And since he was super tired from a long day with no nap and it was right before bed, it just made it worse. And it's so funny to me that even though you're the one that yelled at them, they still want you to pick them up and comfort them. Tina came back in and I was like, "oh my god I broke your son." All was well eventually. He totally conked out soon enough... and obviously forgot everything. But I still feel really awful about it.

  2. Aww, you didn't break him! Babies are good at the theatrics though, you really feel it when they aren't happy.