Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Public Domain?

This point of pregnancy is one that I look forward to (well, the almost being done part) and the one that I honestly dread the most.  At this point, I am so big, there is no denying that there is a "baby on board".  People really seem to think at this point that you are public domain and they can say whatever comes to mind.

"Are you sure its not twins?"
"Wow, you just get bigger everyday."
"I bet you're peeing a lot."
"Three boys?  So you'll try for a girl?  You really want a girl, right?"
"Didn't you just lose a bunch of weight?"

Look everyone, you aren't original.  There is nothing entertaining about this.  I am not even the kind to really care when someone rubs my tummy, because really, that tummy is out there.  This tummy is serious.  But I don't think you're funny.  And I do give sarcastic answers.

Things like,
"Thank you for pointing out how big I am, I needed the reminder today."
"I'm hoping one of them will be gay, that's close enough to a girl."

I know, I could be nicer, people are stupid and obnoxious and don't quite realize when they've said something that is probably offensive, if not insensitive.

Baby continues to grow well and my insulin need continues to go up.  At this point with James and Logan, I was still doing fairly well with my blood pressure, but the next few weeks will give more hints as to how quickly this pregnancy will be ending.  Either way, I'll be done by March 3rd!


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