Tuesday, January 5, 2016

It's almost time

"Adam....  Adam, I just realized I haven't written a single thing about being pregnant this time..."
"Well, I guess you better get on that."
"I took way more pictures."
Close enough, right?
I didn't set out to write about being pregnant for the third time.  I'd say that's a good thing, because I definitely accomplished that goal.  Until now.
2015 came and went.  James turned 5, started school, played soccer, drove his parents a little batty, but mostly was a good kid.  Logan was Logan.  A little loud and a little demanding.  Life with Logan seems to be a stream of antibiotics and trips to the ENT.  He got glasses, turned 3 and had revision tubes placed in his ears and his adenoids removed.  He was also mostly a good kid.
James is so ready to be a big brother again.  He loves his "job" even though most of the time Logan is really running the show.  Logan is so not ready to be a big brother.  He tells me nearly daily now that he doesn't want a baby and that he, in fact, is the baby.  Oddly enough, he loves babies, so maybe his tune will change.
Being on my third high risk pregnancy is a bit stressful.  Things seem more "normal" this time and I am very used to checking my blood sugar and blood pressure.  But its stressful in other ways.  When I told James I had a doctor's appointment this morning, he asked if I'd be gone for 5 days.  I told him that its just a check up and that the doctor would just measure my belly and listen to the baby's heartbeat.  In the back of my mind, I was thinking "I hope..." I promised to try to give him as much notice as I possible could before I had to be in the hospital.  He was unhappy when mom was in the hospital with Logan, this time I know it will be worse.
Preparing for a third baby is pretty hilarious, I'm almost 31 weeks and we finally broke down and bought some baby things.  We still have no baby clothes, as we're waiting for a hand-me-down delivery.  We still don't have a solid feeding plan, we're playing it by ear to see if the little guy wants to nurse.  I have no meals prepped (okay, I never prepped meals before the other two either...) and no real plans for who is watching the kids while I'm in the hospital.  We'll figure it out eventually, there's probably only 6 more weeks of this madness.
Good things about pregnancy this time around:
1.  Adam and I understand that I'm crazy, hungry, hormonal and angry.  Not sure who I'm angry at, but most of the time, someone.
2.  I know that the time period of being exhausted is quite short.  Caring for an infant is actually super easy when compared to parenting a child, even if they scream a lot and you don't sleep for a year.
3.  Its almost over.  That's the best part.  I fooled myself into thinking doing this again would be easy.  Its not.  I will not have these foolish notions again.  I will tie my tubes and never again think of having babies.  Because four?  Well that is just nuts, right?  Right.


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