Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The First Rule of Babies Sleeping...

... is you don't talk about babies sleeping.

The second you talk about it, they stop doing it.  But only if you talk about it in a positive since.  Like if you mention that little Muffie is sleeping 8 hours at a time and is only 4 months old, that very night little Muffie is going to go bat-shit crazy and wake up every 2 hours demanding to be fed and cuddled.

We've been lucky that Logan has been in a good cycle cycle (I'm going to call it a cycle, as to imply that its a temporary occasion and not the norm) for the last few weeks.  I like sleeping all night and I remember it taking James forever to not wake up to be fed anymore.  When James started to drink milk at a year old, we stopped feeding him at night.  Logan has been eating a lot during the day, and is pretty set in his bedtime routine, even if he doesn't sleep all night.  I'm grateful for routines and some sense that I know what's going on.

We still have to deal with getting teeth and other possible regressions due to crawling and walking and growing in general, but I'm enjoying our current sleep cycle.  Also, when Logan wakes up, he doesn't really cry or scream, he just laughs and squeals and its pretty adorable.


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