Tuesday, August 30, 2016

One year ago

I use an app called "Timehop" and everyday it shows you pictures and social media posts from years past.  Sometimes its a happy reminder, a time I had with friends that I'd forgotten or a cute baby picture of one of the boys.  Or its a reminder that things that once upset me greatly weren't that bad, like this week when I relived the entire week we spent without power 5 years ago.  Sometimes they're a great reminder of exactly how much things have changed, like when I see a post from my now ex-stepfather.  Funny how someone can so quickly remove himself for your life and really its almost like he was never there.  In some cases that can be a good thing, I'm not sure how I would feel about it if it was someone who I really wanted in my life.
Today, there was a picture of Logan, standing in his crib.  One year ago, Logan was still the baby and we'd only just found out that we were expecting.  One year ago, I was a nervous wreck while James had his first few days of kindergarten.  And one year ago today I was pregnant, but still looking pretty thin and almost athletic.
All of those things were going on one year ago, but they don't seem that far off.  And the sweet picture I saw of little James' toes from 6 years ago doesn't seem that far off either.
Wyatt turned 6 months last week.  In the blink of an eye we're almost done with the newborn phase.  The phase that really brings to light the thought that "days seem long, but years seem short".
So we move along, each day bringing its new challenges, but I've learned, especially with 3 young children, that every phase is a challenge and the ones we are dealing with now are probably the easy ones.
I smile every morning when I open Timehop.  The boys crowd around and guess who's baby picture we're looking at.  They laugh when they see mom and dad without them.  Hard to believe one's parents had a life before they came along!


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