Saturday, March 21, 2015

He's a puker

Logan is a puker. Since the day (almost) he was born, Logan has vomited. A lot. When he was a baby, he ate a lot, and if he didn't stop to burp often, he would puke. Sometimes an entire feeding. Looking back, he could have used some reflux medication, but hindsight is 20/20.
He pukes when food texture isn't what he anticipated. He pukes when he's extra snotty, and he usually is or has been due to his ear issues. Even with the tubes in his ears, he still has a strong gag reflex. Sometimes when he's crying or tantrumming puke is the result of his dramatics. This week he managed to puke on himself and Rhonda at daycare. (I have mentioned that she's a saint before, right?) 
And my real favorite - Logan often forgets to chew his food, a skill you can't quite teach. And the result?
You guessed it. More puke. 
Just this morning, we woke up to find a bed that had been puked in and then slept in. I'm not sure how he managed to sleep like that, but he was out for 12 hours. Adam striped the bed and cleaned the wall while I bathed a very stinky toddler. Divide and conquer!
As time goes on, we've gotten used to the vomit and Logan gets sick less often. 
We joke that it's a good thing he's a second child, because if your first kid was a puker, you might not have a second. 
Two months old, original photo caption: I'm a puker


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